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October 22, 2018
notes, vim (revised December 1, 2018)

Updated regularly as my vim repertoire grows. (The best reference list is the one you create and maintain yourself.)

:1,5!sort                    example filter command
"Ay                          yanks and appends to register a
"ay                          yanks and overwrites to register a
cF{char}                     change backward through {char}
cf{char}                     change forward through {char}
ci(                          change inside paren (must start within)
$ctags-exuberant *.ext       then in vim, :tag <tagname>
cT{char}                     change backward until {char}
ct{char}                     change forward until {char}
Ctrl-q                       Windows-specific substitute for Ctrl-v
dF{char}                     delete backward through {char}
df{char}                     delete forward through {char}
dT{char}                     delete backward until {char}
dt{char}                     delete forward until {char}
:E.                          explore from path of current buffer's file
:e.                          explore starting in pwd
:hardcopy                    redirect > <file>.pdf to save PDF.
:h filter                    help with filter command
:h path                      help path also :find. searching for filenames
:h quickfix                  help quick fix also :copen to view qfix list
``                           e.g. jump to prior position before % jump
:noh[lsearch]                temporarily disable search highlighting
:{num}                       jump to line number
q:                           command history
q/                           search history
:retab                       convert tabs to spaces (based on tabstop)
:set expandtab               expand tabs to spaces (see :set tabstop)
:set hls[earch]              highlight all matches
:set list                    show end of line ($) and tabs (^I)
:set nolist                  turn off :set list
:set nonum                   hide line numbers
:set nu                      show line numbers
:set tabstop=4               follow with :retab to convert to spaces
:Sexplore                    ~ :E. but open explorer in horizontal split
u                            toggle to lower case (e.g. after visual sel)
U                            toggle to upper case
:Vexplore                    ~ :E. but open explorer in vertical split
:vimgrep // **/*.py          example search within files (:copen after)
viw                          select inside word
/\v<regex>/                  sets pattern
""y                          same as y [unnamed register]

dbext plugin

:h dbext<tab>                get help
\sdt                         describe table beneath cursor
\sel                         exec selection [assumes \ as leader]
\se                          exec statement @ cursor [assumes \ as leader]

Mapping examples

map <F5> :!clear \ python3 %<CR>

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